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A new (social media) presence

2012 January 1
by Jw

Good resolutions I have none, but I did think it was about time to revamp the social me, so here is my new blog. Not quite there yet, but I am fairly well on the way. What I changed:

–      moved to, no need to hide behind a different name and the .org might give the impression these scribblings actually are very organized endeavor.

–      made a few blog-in-blog’s to enable deep linking on different topics (e.g. geo in NL or open innovation).

–      added separate sidebars on the specific pages (see I don’t have that for all pages yet.

–      I have added my own pre-beta widget at (a life map from National Geographic).

Please note that this blog is a coproduction made possible by the great(er) WordPress community (the many plugins an the vigilance theme) and many tools like Slideshare, Issuu, Anobii, Mindjet, .. Actually thought about sharing Trover as well, but I have not yet made up my mind about that app yet! Curious where these changes will take me…

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