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You may find me where geography meets technology (and vice versa). This blog is a collection of personal scribblings on geography in the Netherlands (Geo), geo-at-large (local, pun intended), open innovation (open) and … a bit about me, myself and I. I started exploring the (professional) blogosphere in the summer of 2009 and have liked it ever since. 

Writing things down can be a good exercise for the mind. I have been writing for a while, but not really included writing in my work. This domainname is the third (and I trust last) version of my blog: I started at kortsteroutes., then moved on to and now landed at The main reason: it somehow gives the impression these scribbling are in a way organised.

BTW: how I get rewarded: I enjoy conversations about geography, social media, openness (Open Innovation, Open Knowledge). When this blog gets me one of those a week, I am quite happy. And when a few ‘friends & family’ read these pages every now and then…

Do note: I work for Esri, but these opinions are my own! All of this scribblings come to be in my own time (not wasting company time on this ! :)

Most interesting remark so far: what is the business model of your blog?


Jan Willem van Eck


Note: all content on this website is copyrighted (c) Jan Willem van Eck, CC-BY.
Do note: all spelling and grammar errors are mine!

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