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Top three tweets from Intergeo 2010

2010 October 9
by Jw

Intergeo has always been more of an exhibition then a conference to me. And what an exhibition it is. If you’re looking for old and new surveying gear, you’ve come to the right place. But lots of new stuff as well.

Just for fun I collected the Intergeo related tweets. No time for a -full-fledged- analysis here, but I do see a lot of “come see us, we are here (and important)”, “hi-I am going to Intergeo”, “I don’t like them, please like me”. Then again, anyone can (mis)use social media the way they want to. I do like the personal, more thoughtprovoking and trivial tweets and try to ignore the ‘awful remarks’.

Here are my top three tweets (translation)

At 3:
Becker: Prof. Becker:: wegen der Intergeo fallen die Vorlesungen am 5., 6. und 7.10.aus
(prof. Becker: because of Intergeo, no class in the coming days)

At 2 and runner up: Landmeetdienst
Mooie nieuwe dingen gezien op de #intergeo Wie wil er nou geen “gatewing X100”
( seen lots of new things at Intergeo, who doesn’t want a gatewing X100?)

Number 1: Thierry_G
To cheer myself up I’ve just measured the size of the ESRI stand at#intergeo. 25 x 30 m. That’s about 2 tennis courts.
(comment: Thierry is still a surveyor at heart and measuring up the Landmark booth maybe did not cheer him up. I expected something like: that would be make a nice swimming pool)

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