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The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell

2012 January 27
by Jw

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A book on how ideas can spread I just had to re-read. Gladwell brings his book in a structure of making a point (…) within a framework, loaded with good examples. He introduces Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen, which in proportion, with the right sticky message and in the right context will start up a social epidemic. Not that it is an easy endeavor, but there is certain point which puts the epidemic into motion.

This easy-to-read book mentions Milgram, Leventhal and Zimbardo experiments (among others). I missed a part on Everett Rogers (while G Moore does get a mentioning) but then again there are plenty of other good referrals.


Read this if you want to know how Airwalk started to listen to the sales department and hence disappeared into oblivion; why 150 is the ideal number of a community and why seven is the magical number. And how ideas may spread.


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