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The end of geography, and the year

2009 December 31

I have taken up the habit not to read (over?)hyped publications; I prefer to wait until the storm is over and then to discover if it was worth all the fuzz. Hence it took me a while to read “The End of Science” by John Horgan. It is thought provoking publication, with the key question ‘is science open ended, even infinite?’.

The book is full of good quotes, like “When one understands everything, one has gone crazy” (Philip Anderson) and Freeman Dyson’s reply to the question if science could keep evolving forever: “I hope so, it’s the kind of world I’d like to live in!”. In Horgan’s words: there is lots of science and discovery left, but “if you want to top Darwin or Einstein your chances are slim to none”. If think this book could have been written in pre-Darwinian and pre-Einstein times as well. It is still if very challenging read.

The end of geography is not discussed, you can argue that is clearly finite: one day we must have discovered all. But I believe there is enough Space to explore (and beyond!). Let’s at least agree it is the end of this year! (in our Julian calendar, that is.). Happy New Year!

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