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Back by popular demand: Must see TV

2010 November 21
by Jw

httpv:// Triggered by yesterday’s Apple Store experience and a documentary on Apple this morning, I wondered what happened to my “Must See TV” page from my former blog. Moving that over to this site turned out to be very difficult: the shortcodes for Ted or Youtube are just not the same.

So I’ll start anew. Not on a page, but as a separate category with posts. At worst this is a place where I can find my ‘memorable videos’ myself, at best I get someone else hooked on great insights. I don’t mind joining the conversation on e.g., but what happens to my comments there? They’ll just disappear like tweets in the twitterdesert.

This is what I wrote on January 9th about Jobs’ speech:

9 jan 2010 – Today I decided to archive publicly (and hence share) the videos I appreciate on the net. First is Steve Jobs (2005, still current), telling three stories:

1. Connecting the dots (believe that they connect somewhere in the future)
2. love and loss (don’t loose faith; you gotta find what you love).
3. Death. Avoid the trap thinking you have something to loose.

Don’t be trapped by dogma. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
Everything else is secondary. Ends with with : stay hungry, stay foolish.

What can I add? I good story, I concur with its content!

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