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On a quest to unthink #geography

2012 July 29

When you think about it, unthinking something is harder then thinking about something. There seems truism in that famous “now, do not think about a pink elephant” leading to a “can’t get that animal out of my head”.

But I will invest serious time and effort into unthinking geography in the upcoming weeks, as taking a break is important; and sometimes breaks are even more important then the time in between breaks. I aim to take Quality time (whatever happened to that term) to the extreme and Reading & Writing will be a big part of that time. It turns out I can do way more with the iPad then reading (eBooks), but I found out that all of that extra functionality can be very distractive. Very likely I will be drawing some thoughts as well. Thoughts are all I can draw.

For a while, I have been thinking about the unthinkable. But once you think about it, it no longer is unthinkable, I think. Maybe unthinking will become the new thinking. I can’t believe I just thought that….Guess I do need a break!

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