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Management in the Next Society, Peter Drucker

2012 February 5

More about Management in the Next Society A collection of interviews and essays related to the topics: the Information Society, Opportunities for companies, the changing world economy and our new society. Even more interesting when you put them in the perspective of one decade ago.
Drucker describes how large enterprises (having to innovate in order to survive) are evolving to a world where alliances, joint ventures and knowledge sharing are the building blocks of a kind of confederation. These organizations need to do three things well, and at the same time: improve, expand and innovate. The success of the firm will increasingly depend on knowledge workers, which have, like knowledge itself, become more mobile than ever before.
Drucker reminds us that markets are instable and not a predictable system and that ong term planning is just about a belief system. Read this as well if you want to know why Kafka received a medal from the American Safety Congres, who invented the term ‘profit center’ and why he is sorry now, and what problems liberal economic theory brings us.

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