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My first 1000 tweets, in the #twitter universe

2011 March 17
by Jw

Twitter tells me this is my 1000th tweet! That is not much of an accomplishment in itself. The average teenager on Twitter can do the job in just a few days. It also tells me I joined on april 21st 2009.  Not much of a Tweet average either.

This is how I enjoy twitter (so far):

  • A message at a time, about every (working) day. It’s mostly a ‘thought of today’.
  • I am not big in retweeting, but when see a message I like, I will do just that. I do use direct messages, when replying to mentions.
  • When I write an (English) blog, I will promote that using twitter (just shameless self promotion, I know)
  • At times, I send my location out with my tweet. I believe you cannot call yourself a (superneo?)geographer and not do that.
  • Sometimes, I combine Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter, but I basically treat these as separate groups of connections.
  • I don’t look at who follows me (well, sometimes I do).
  • Impact? did measure my Tweet impact once, which turned out the be a ‘nice to know’ only. Now I use – keeps me modest. Does one need to measure impact?
  • I save my Tweets by using a rssfeed in email inbox.

Why I like twitter? It is easy to follow others, who openly share their thoughts to the world. And easy to wonder off into serendipity, when I have the time. My Twitter rulez are still intact, but they have changed a bit over time (I do follow a few colleagues now, and add in personal remarks every now and then).

Looking forward to the next 1000 tweets! (at least I am…)

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