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Why the hack would you come to whereCampEU?

2012 April 13
by Jw

There are many reasons why you would want to contribute (note: not just attend) to the upcoming whereCampEU. Here are just a few:

1. Meetup with other geogeeks
You have to have a minimal level of map madness, if you want to enjoy a whereCamp. You will be able to meetup with other geogeeks, but not in your regular plan, do, act mode. Get ready to present to others, discuss the step in your project or to just code away.

2. No barriers, low on rulez
Be aware, this is an unconference. What you get out of this meetup is mostly up to you. We will be low on rulez (please do behave), in order to max out the result of this camp. That sound as a contradiction, but we strongly believe this will lead to great results (well, sometimes).

It's got to be ... Amsterdam!3. Experience the unexpected
As we don’t have a fixed plan, you may be in for a treat. We hope it’s beyond your wildest expectations! Hacking and mapping with great people all around you! Is there a better place to build great new things?

4. Amsterdam
Just one the reasons to come to whereCampEU is Amsterdam itself. Culture (Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Anne Frank’s house – book your ticket in advance), Nightlife (Redlight district, Leidsplein). Even better: stick around from Monday April 30th and watch Amsterdam turn Orange on Queensday. And just-in-time for this whereCamp, Foursquare provided us with a great list of Amsterdam spots.
Eventbrite - WhereCamp EU 2012

How does all of that sound? The good news: you can still register for this unconference. See you there!

with a big thank you to OpenStreetMap!

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