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Why on earth is Esri at whereCampEU?

2012 April 26
by Jw

Europe from above

In my opinion, Esri feels very well at home where people meetup to discuss maps and apps. I have experienced several (levels of) unconferences and value them as great meetings of open minds. A good place to listen, participate, contribute etc. Sometimes I ended up discussing projection systems, open innovation, Dennis Ritchie, Android or iOS (or both), valorization and CC, and all of that in one single hour.

With our users and customers, Esri has been working on GIS without the box, may I add ‘and out of the building’? This somehow suggests heavy lifting is involved and I think it is true. ArcGIS has been evolving into a platform that supports web and mobile developers, with beautiful maps (just ignore that statement, this is cartographer talking), open API’s, SDKs, location services, and much more.

At this whereCamp, we’d like to work with other whereCampers to build great new maps & apps. Or just have that conversation about where geography just maybe heading (we spreken ook Nederlands und Deutsch ist selbstverständlich auch kein Problem). Just about packed up our booth and brochures got our gear together and looking forward to camp with you in Amsterdam.

Below some of the beautiful maps Amsterdam has to offer.

Grotere kaart weergeven (a pure grayscale map, great for contrast)


Grotere kaart weergeven (zoom in to the highest level; even houseboats are mapped)


Grotere kaart weergeven (a great mashup of several open data sources)


Grotere kaart weergeven (National Geographic style)

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