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The pros and cons of Foursquaring

2011 April 16

Yep, thank you for Foursquare! And I truly mean that. I don’t recall when I started testing Foursquare with a bunch of ‘off the grid’ check-ins, but after a while I got hooked and the ‘investment’ was clearly ousted by the benefits.

Pro and cons of Foursquaring? Pros:

  • Went to “a concert” recently only to find out that a few Foursquare friends were already there. Others commented they would be there the next day.
  • Was late for a meeting at the U of Delft; when I checked in I found five friends were in the room, even before I got there. Great conversations during the break.
  • Saw that a far-away- 4sq friend was in the same venue, if I had known ahead of time…
  • We had a great technical event recently (GIS Tech) were a small swarm got together. Neat to see who is already hyper locally online.
  • I dove into location based social networking and hyper local marketing and gave a lecture about it at the Free University of Amsterdam. Also read some articles about the philosophy of place and geography. Intriguing stuff.
  • Started a Mobile, Social and Geo Experiment, now planning a meeting with developers to connect the GIS world with the hyperlocal world.
  • Spatial conversations: I luv some of the comments friends place and the reactions from others.
  • Friends from Esri openly share where they are and what they’re up to. Mostly on a ‘nice to know’ basis.
  • ….

Adding it all up: Foursquare makes me feel spatially connected. Cons: there are some, but let’s now focus on those, on Foursquare day! Guess the world is my venue and the folks at Foursquare seem quite nice! Thank you for Foursquare!

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