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Geo-information for the next generation

2010 October 12

Esri Nederland got invited to give a presentation at the centennial celebration of the U of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, which I attended and graduated from in 1987. I have to admit that I do not recall much of the party that took place in 1985 (75th birthday..) Today I started preparations on a presentation/ paper on “Geo-information for a next generation”.

Any topics I should definitely not leave out?

As our future is hidden in our past and present, I did some research using EBSCO, Google and this archive of Geodesia. Some of the articles are really amazing (to me). I might also use parts of a presentation I gave back in 2002 at the Netherlands Society for Geodesy (“the Geoparadox, how geodesy can be fantastic and boring at the same time”; sorry, in Dutch). It looks kind of awkward in my Slideshare collection.

BTW, I translated my presentation from the GIS Conferentie on request. It’s just less-than-half of the story if you view it on slideshare, you should have been there!

[slideshare id=5426019&doc=socialemediaopeninnovatiejwvanecken-12869087598775-phpapp02]

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